Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Revival Fire Flames and then Bursts in Virginia

From October 7 to 9, 2012 I was ministering in the USA in three different states: New York, Kentucky and Virginia. The spirit of God fell in every room that I preached in. On average I preached about 1.5 hours in each meeting. I had people tell me that they did not want to get up even though they had to go to the restroom because they were afraid to miss something.

That is hilarious! You see I know who I am. I am not that interesting. It is the Spirit of God within me that draws people in that way.

There are times when I speak that I am amazed at what is coming out of my mouth. It is way to poetical and lyrical to originate with anyone other than the spirit of God. I actually get embarrassed thinking that people will think that I had the brains to somehow say some of the things that come out of my mouth.

I am serious when I say that the way I preach is a God thing.

Going into the meetings I had a great sense that God was going to do something significant in that State. The Church I preached at was called “Crossroads.” One of our intercessors was driving down the road in that region and saw a sign that was flashing that said, “PREPARE CROSSROADS.” She said that instantly she felt a witness in her spirit that this was a word about the coming meetings.

I was nervous for this church. I can be a very radical and free spirited preacher. I understand more than anyone else that my style of ministry can upset the apple cart within churches. It is not my heart to hurt people. I cannot help being who I am.

The first meeting in Virginia I preached in a wild manner and began to release prophetic words over about 20 people, which is not very much for a meeting with 150 people in it. My heart is to give a word to everyone in the meeting. If there are 200 people then I want to give 200 words. I am learning to do this more effectively.

Recently I was with a very seasoned prophet by the name of Peter Kumar from South Carolina. He told me that there have been times he has given 500 prophetic words in one night. I figure I heard that because that is where I am going. Please pray for me to have the strength to minister this way. It can take a lot from you.

Anyway, I prophesied to between 120 to 160 people in Virginia over the two days I was there. Some of the words were confirmed on the spot. One guy from West Virginia was in the meeting. I said to him, “I see an anointing on your life for fathering. I am not sure if you have children but you are about to become the father of many children.” The whole congregation laughed because this guy was about to adopt five children from one family. Think about it…I was amazed by God’s knowledge of our lives.

I had another very accurate word for the Pastor’s youngest son. I said “Pastor I see that you should probably consider allowing this young man to go on a short term Missionary trip because I believe it will change his life.”

The Pastor looked over at his wife who gave him one of those I-told-you-so looks. Apparently when the Pastor’s two other children turned 13 he took them on mission's trip but this young man missed his. He was now 15. The Pastor asked one of his elders the month before to push him to get the young man’s passport done for the trip, and here I was reminding him of what God was telling him to do. Haha!!

The last night I preached in Virginia was amazing. The day before as I was lying on the floor of the church - asking God what he wanted to say - I saw a bell ring over the congregation. Now to me this is a sign that God is about to move in revival - the year before we saw this bell ring over Ottawa.

In this last meeting I felt the urgency to proclaim revival in the atmosphere of the church. I spoke about the valley of dry bones and how the prophet spoke the word of God and how the army came back to life in Ezekiel 37. I proclaimed the rising of a mighty army of the lord in that region.  When I got back to where I was staying I actually saw bells ringing in the wood.  There were knots in the wood on the stairwell that looked like bells ringing out.  It was amazing to see.

I preached for almost two hours that last night and I don’t think I lost a soul to the doors. As I was doing the altar service I remembered a vision from two days before. I saw the crown of Christ tha was shaped in a very particular way. When I got to this church this crown was actually up on the stage of the facility. For the altar service I took this crown and placed it on everyone’s head that came forward, which I believe was most of them.

When I finished placing this crown on all of the heads, I turned to walk back to the worship team at the Pastor’s request to crown the team members. As I walked toward the Pastor’s wife who was playing the piano she went out on the floor shaking wildly. Her daughter ran up to the piano to take her place and she went down wildly as well and then there son went to the piano. I was thinking “Oh no, this dude is going to get nailed and go down to.” He didn’t. He got up and the Lord used him mightily in worship. I was told that this was his second time playing worship publicly.  The Lord told me to tell him it was just the beginning of a new ministry for him.

I then began to prophesy and I saw a 6 foot 5 inch man who weighed well over 300 pounds standing off to one side of the church. I was acquainted with this man because he was leading a very exciting prayer initiative in the region. He actually somehow got a greyhound coach vehicle and loaded it up with intercessors and was driving what he called a Jericho run around both Winchester, Virginia and Washington, DC. A bus load of intecessors were driving and praying for breakthrough for their nation's capital. I was on the bus with them the day before. For four hours we drove praying, prophesying and one guy was blowing shofars as we went around the beltways of both of these cities.

Anyway, as I said, this man was standing to the side and I began to prophesy over him. There was like a charge that came through me. I remember seeing an angel touch the man and then he was lifted off of his feet and went back into the wall and came crashing down on the floor striking chairs in his wake. I am the told the pastor bent over and said, “SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT THE MAN.” Haha! I would not have wanted to been that volunteer. Seriously!

There was a fire at the altar and the Pastor who had an amazing healing anointing began to release words of knowledge for healing. I remember one lady testified about a shoulder being healed.

It is amazing what God will do. These testimonies actually shock me. You know when you step out and do the Lord’s work you actually don’t have a clue what he is going to do. At least that is the way it is for me. I have a sense that he is going to do something, but I can never guess to what it is. It is always more fantastic than anything I could have imagined anyway.

I pray that God will bless you this day with a boldness to step out into a new place in the spirit so that you will see with the eyes of the spirit and begin to operate in a new and exciting way.

Seriously, may my floor be your ceiling.

God bless,

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